About Us


Afsim is a Bloemfontein, South African based business specialising in safe and affordable driver- and mobile platform solutions. Afsim believes that a tremendous niche exists in changing the current driver training model to increase the driving ability of new drivers. Afsim has mastered the skill of utilising space and mobility as a solution for off-site training-, management- and services provision in the most remote areas possible through the development of task specific autonomous mobile platform solutions to a vast array of Industries.

Why Simulation

The value of Simulators

Active realistic vehicle controls ensure that the learner gains familiarization and muscle memory using the similar hardware as in an actual vehicle.

Facilitators can identify inefficiencies or weaknesses so the learner can focus on training to correct or strengthen the areas.

Solution in South Africa

In his brief to parliament, Minister Ndebele said South African drivers were considered some of the worst in the world…
In October 2016, at a schools road safety debate in Durban, Minister Ndebele said "We are making progress... towards ensuring that every Grade 11 pupil would have a learner's licence and every 18-year-old a driving licence."

Afsim believes simulator training can be the solution to better driving in South Africa and to achieve the objective with regard to ensuring qualified and experienced young drivers in South Africa.

Although accepted as the norm for a learner driver to gain experience on a public road, it is extremely dangerous. Simulator training has proven to be cost effective, easy-to-use, and a safe alternative. A variety of exercises are represented in different environments. We acknowledge that simulator training is not the last step in obtaining a driver’s license.

This summary below show if you replace 80% of driver training in a vehicle, with simulators, you will save more than 175 million rand a year on training only 100 000 learners. This is a saving of nearly 80%. Damage to vehicles and insurance was not even taken into consideration.