Why choose Simulators

  • Train in a safe environment
  • Learner drivers do not have to leave the safety of the training centre until they have familiarised themselves with driving a vehicle.
  • Train in scenarios not necessarily available to all students
    • City driving scenarios in rural areas
    • Fog and rainy scenarios
  • Train in a stress free environment
  • The simulator gives continuous feedback during the session
  • A comprehensive report after the session is available
  • The simulator is easy manageable by the learner, flash cards guide the learner through different scenarios.
  • Within a scenario, the simulator operates exactly like a real vehicle.
  • Difficult scenarios such as parallel parking, alley docking and incline start can be practised continuously in one session.
  • Advance and precise driving scenarios
  • No fuel cost on simulator
  • Low insurance cost on simulator
  • Low maintenance cost on simulator

The average student requires 15 hours of training before they are ready to obtain a license. We suggest that 12 of those 15 hours are done on a simulator. The 3 hours is just to ensure the learner can repeat all the different scenarios in a vehicle to ensure confidence when they go for their driver’s license. This combination of training on a simulator and vehicle does not only produce better drivers, it also results in an astronomical saving on training.

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